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At Victory Challenge for kids with disabilities, everyone wins

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Isabelle Soberon, Southampton

Each year, Harding Avenue Elementary School participates in the Victory Challenge games. Other schools participate as well. The games aren’t for everyone. The Victory Challenge is for kids with different disabilities to compete in various activities.

This year, several children from our school are going. They’ll have fifth-grade buddies who will get to know them better before the Victory Challenge. At the games, they will assist the students in different tasks and be there to cheer them on. This is a wonderful experience for everyone.

Since not all students get to participate in the Victory Challenge, our physical education teacher, Mr. Richard Price, organizes games and a picnic for all of our special-needs students and their fifth-grade buddies.

To apply to be a fifth-grade buddy, students have to write an essay explaining why they want to be a buddy. The fifth-grade buddies then create games and mini-tasks for Harding’s special-needs students. The students are rewarded with prizes. Afterward, all the students enjoy a picnic lunch together. Everyone who participates always has fun!

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