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Video games set Guinness World Records, too

Do you like video games or hearing about world records? If your answer is yes, then "Guinness World Record Book 2015: Gamer's Edition" is definitely for you.

The book has lots of your favorite games, like Pokémon, Minecraft, NBA 2K, Super Smash Bros., Pac-Man, Just Dance, Mario Kart and Lego.

They also have a section where you can learn about killer apps.

Do you like Pokémon? Then get this: More than 20 million Pokémon trading cards have been printed and circulated since 1999!

Do you know who the first Pokémon character was? Did you guess Pikachu? Wrong! It was Rhydon.

Did you know that as of May 2014, players of Minecraft Xbox 360 edition had spent a total of 1.75 billion hours, or about 199,772 years, playing the game, making it the most-played title in the history of Xbox Live Arcade!

The book also has some stuff about all of your favorite sports. Basketball video games are among the most popular.

Did you know that more than 33 million copies of EA's NBA Live have been sold?

Just Dance is so much fun, too. It keeps you fit, and even President Barack Obama plays it with his daughters. The book even tells you about some killer apps.'s Candy Crush Saga continues to sit happily at the top of the app charts, ahead of Farm Heroes.

If you want to know the history of games and all sorts of interesting stories about them, get this book.

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