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Video Star, an amazing app

Video star is an amazing app. When I got it, I thought it was the best app ever. I thought that because when I made my first video, I did so many cool things!

All you have to do to get it is search the Apple app store for Video Star, and download it. I think you can become a star if you get this app because when you watch the videos you make, you feel like you are famous!

I purchased it in February, and I have made tons of videos. If you are allowed, you can post these videos online and maybe you will be discovered and become famous. You can even stream your video to the TV and watch it. How cool is that?

Video Star has cool effects that you can buy and make your videos even better. The effects the app comes with can color your video or make you look funny, and I think that is amazing.

If you buy Killer Kinetics, you can make yourself have powers. I got that and now my videos look super.

If you really want your video to look cool, you can cut the scene every couple of seconds, and it looks like you are going to different places. And when you stop your video, you can pick your next background for the next scene.

It's cool when you get a group of friends and make the video with them, because you can all make up a dance and do that dance in the video. I like to lip-synch in some of the videos I make, and it makes them seem super cool. Sometimes I like to dress up to make my videos more official and more interesting.

So go download Video Star right now and release your inner star!

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