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Virtual reality headsets are fun

Kidsday reporter Evan Sanders wears his VR headset.

Kidsday reporter Evan Sanders wears his VR headset. Credit: Sanders family

Virtual reality headsets are the coolest things. When you put them on, it’s like you go into a different dimension.

First you need a smartphone. Then you download certain virtual reality apps. You can find these apps by searching for “VR” in the App Store or Google Play store. You load the game, and then you put your smartphone in the headset.

After that, you put the headset on and play games. When you are playing, you can’t see anything going on around you. You feel like you’re actually inside the game. There are also accessories you can use with your headset, like boots, gloves and handheld remotes.

There are so many games, from racing games to action shooting games like Jurassic World. You can use simulators, too. With the simulator you can go from chilling on the beach to car racing to surviving a zombie apocalypse. You can do anything. It is fun for all ages, from little kids to grown adults. It’s good for everyone in the family. So if you want to be inside your favorite game, take a vacation, take a break from reality, have some fun saving the world or so much more, just use a virtual reality headset.

Jennifer DeCarlo and Robyn Grieco’s fifth-grade class, Nokomis Elementary School, Holbrook

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