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Visit the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop for a special treat

Go wild with dips and toppings at the

Go wild with dips and toppings at the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop in Manhattan. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kaylah Bozkurtian, Garden City

Do you want a good place to get ice cream? Go to the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop — you’ll never taste better ice cream.

It started as a truck in New York selling ice cream. The owner (Doug Quint) met his co-owner (Bryan Petroff) in Duane Reade and became friends. As a summer project, Doug rented a truck and sold his own type of ice cream, which people loved. But as business grew, Doug and Bryan decided to open a store and got rid of the truck. The business is growing even bigger every day and they’re adding more stores.

The shop is not like any other ice cream shop. You can add dips. Many dips are inside the cone — for example, Nutella. If you don’t like one dip, try another. It might look weird but don’t judge by its looks.

When you visit the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop, you don’t just buy these tasty treats, you can even make them yourselves. You can choose what they offer, or you can make your own awesome combo. You can make a Nutella-coated fudge with vanilla inside, or maybe an Oreo and vanilla swirl with gummy bears. The possibilities are just endless, and you can basically make anything you want out of any type of ice cream. It will be an amazing experience.

There are three locations in Manhattan. Check them out online:

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