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Visit to DF Mavens Ice Cream factory is educational, delicious

Did you ever wonder how ice cream is made and who comes up with all those flavors? We were lucky enough to visit the DF Mavens Ice Cream Factory in Astoria, Queens, to find out. We interviewed Malcolm Stogo, an ice cream expert, and the owner of DF Mavens, to learn just how he does it. After the interview, we sampled some of the ice cream flavors!

Malcolm has been making ice cream for more than 30 years. He loves to help people, so in 1994, he opened the Ice Cream University so that people could learn how to make great ice cream. Malcolm has written many books and invented many things including the chocolate dipped waffle cone and Cookies & Cream ice cream.

When we visited the factory, we were given a tour. One of the things we saw was how the ice cream is made. It starts with a custard base, which is put into a pulverizing machine and then heated to remove any bacteria. After that, it is cooled down, frozen, packaged and shipped to stores to be sold.

Malcolm has made a lot of flavors over the years. The most popular flavor is Cookies & Cream. All of the ice cream made at DF Mavens is dairy-free.

After touring the factory, we were treated to a taste of the ice cream. We tasted many flavors including Peanut Butter FudgeMash, Del Lago Chocolate, Shot of Java, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, and many more. We had a very hard time deciding on which were our favorites.

We had a lot of fun visiting DF Mavens. We learned so much on our trip. We can't wait to see what other unique flavors Malcolm will come up with next. You can read the DF Mavens story at You can also find out how you can get this delicious dairy-free ice cream.

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