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Visiting the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton

Kidsday reporter Antonio Morrow at the Kent Animal

Kidsday reporter Antonio Morrow at the Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton. Credit: Morrow family

I visited Kent Animal Shelter in Calverton where dogs and cats can be adopted. I got my first cat there so I thought it would be nice to see how the shelter is doing. I interviewed the executive director Pamela A. Green.

Q: What type of animal do you get most often?

A: We get more dogs but we have limited space.

Q: What are the stages to adopt a pet?

A: You have to bring your family and pets (mostly dogs). We interview you to make sure you are a good pet owner. There’s an application to fill out on paper or online. There’s a fee that covers spay, neuter and vaccinations. It also covers the microchip and tests for diseases.

Q: What year did Kent first open?

A: Kent opened in 1968 and it has been open for 48 years. The kitty cottage opened in 2009; it is the home of the cats.

Q: Is everyone who works at Kent a volunteer?

A: No; all 23 people who work here are staff members. There are volunteers who help walk dogs and play with the cats.

Q: How many animals do you get in a day?

A: Normally the amount of animals vary from day to day. When I was at Kent today they had 42 dogs and 50 cats. The best part of visiting Kent and conducting an interview was when they told me that I can volunteer there any day of the week!

They are located at 2259 S. River Rd. Call 631-727-5731 or visit their website:

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