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Visiting the set of ‘Empire’

Kidsday reporter Gianna Masciopinto, left, with her cousins

Kidsday reporter Gianna Masciopinto, left, with her cousins Dina and Liza Micelli who star on "Empire," her sister, Kaitlyn, and her cousin Ally Trewyn. Credit: Masciopinto family

I have two cousins on a famous TV show called “Empire.” Their names are Dina and Liza Micelli and they are identical twins. I visited the set when we visited them in Illinois. The show is filmed in Chicago. When we got inside, people that worked there told my parents, sister, cousin and my aunt to go behind where they film.

To make us feel even more special, members of the production crew saw us and had us sit in the cast member seats. Later they brought us where they were about to film a scene, and we also visited them when they were recording, and we went to the sound station.

We also toured the set, the offices, recording studio, the hot tub and they even showed us Taraji P. Henson’s trailer. We had a great free lunch and dessert. We had a great time on this unforgettable trip.

My cousins are in one of the bands and Dina plays the drums and Liza plays keyboard. They have been on the show since it started and they love it. Before this show aired, Dina was in “Making the Band,” a show featuring hip hop star Sean “Diddy” Combs.

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