Good Morning
Good Morning

Visiting veterans is a simple way to cheer them up

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

As I step foot through the automatic doors, I’m greeted with the sound of wheelchairs squeaking around the building as I wave hello to the senior citizens — but not just any senior citizens, the veterans. That night my Girl Scout troop and I were going to the veterans home in Stony Brook to give the veterans homemade tie blankets. We had spent hours upon hours working on these blankets, and the time to finally hand them out had come.

As we walked through the center halls, I realized that giving these blankets to the veterans not only would keep them warm physically but also would warm them from the inside out. Just giving these people a smile and waving hello will brighten up their entire day. They love when visitors come, which is why doing something this simple should be done more often. I enjoy doing it because not only does this make the veterans feel good, but you leave that center wanting to come back because of the impact it had on you.

The least we can do to repay them is visit them and do something as simple as have a conversation. I know that going here with my troop impacts my life, and I hope that you can visit one of the hundreds of veterans homes to change someone’s day with just a smile.

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