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Help a horse: Volunteer at a stable and make new friends

Kidsday reporter Ellie Crowley with Napoleon at Greenlawn

Kidsday reporter Ellie Crowley with Napoleon at Greenlawn Equestrian Center in Greenlawn. Credit: Crowley family

Have you ever felt bored when everyone is busy? If you have, then I have a solution for you.

First, go to your local stable and ask to volunteer. I go to a local stable every Thursday and Sunday to help out. By volunteering your time, you can help the community and the horses. Second, start helping by cleaning the paddocks, where the horses are held. Then try brushing and grooming the horses. You might meet someone new or possibly reunite with an old friend. I even take horse riding lessons here.

Although taking care of horses can be difficult, the work is enjoyable. You might discover that you love horses as much as I do. Volunteering may also help with future careers such as being a veterinarian or a member of an animal rescue team. Maybe you love horses but have been too scared to approach them. Volunteering with horses makes them seem a lot more domestic.

In my opinion, horses are phenomenal, and everyone should help them. Are you up for the challenge? I help out the horses at the Greenlawn Equestrian Center at 29 Wood Ave., Greenlawn. I like spending time with a horse named Napoleon.

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