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Adopting a cat opens a path to volunteering

Kidsday reporter Victoria Corallo volunteers to help cats

Kidsday reporter Victoria Corallo volunteers to help cats at Pet Valu in Centereach. Credit: Jill Corallo

About a year ago, my family adopted our cat, Chips, from Last Chance Animal Rescue.

Last Chance Animal Rescue is a group that rescues animals from shelters or those that are abandoned. The volunteers bring the animals up here to live with them while they are getting healthy. They feed them, nurse them and play with them. Once they are healthy enough, they take them to live at PetValu in Centereach and other places where they can be adopted.  That is how we met Chips.

He was a year old, and we started playing with him. We talked to Tina, who is a rescuer, and she had us fill out an application, along with three references. Once we gave it to her, she called our references and then called us back. Tina checks our references because she wants to make sure all the animals go to loving homes. She told us that Chips was ours. We took him home the next day. I told my mom that I wanted to volunteer.

We spoke to Tina, and both my mom and I filled out applications. Since I’m under 16, an adult has to be with me. My first day, Tina was showing me how to take care of the cats. There’s a cart. On the cart is all the food, water, litter and vitamins. There were four cats. I unlocked the cage, and my mom held the cat. I had to clean out their food dishes and give them fresh food and water. I also straighten out their rugs on the bottom of the cages, straighten out their beds and clean out their litter boxes. Tina showed me how to sprinkle the vitamins on the food.

Once all that is done, I hold the cats and can play with them. Sometimes they might not be in the mood to play. They want to go back into their cage and sleep or eat. I have to make sure the cages are locked securely.

I go online to to sign up for a time to volunteer. Their website has a lot of information and is easy to navigate. They also have adoption events. They display those times as well.

I’ve been volunteering for about three months. I can use my volunteer time toward community service hours at school. I enjoy it because I love cats, but I’m also volunteering my time to a worthy cause: Helping animals!

INFO Pet Valu, 256 Pond Path, Centereach, 631-285-3708 

Lara McNally’s Girl Scout Troop 730, Centereach


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