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Volunteering with Giuliana's Peanut Fund

I volunteer with Giuliana's Peanut Fund. Giuliana Boudouvas was my cousin. She died quite suddenly when she was 8. She had a glioblastoma tumor in her brain that was undetected. That's a rare type of brain cancer. She never had a chance to fight it. She died April 27, 2013.

We miss her very much. We had so many great times together. Our families went to the Bahamas together on vacation. Giuliana loved to make dance videos, so we would make short videos and we always laughed. I have never seen Giuliana upset. She seemed to find the bright side in everything. She was a jokester, smart and beautiful. She could push it to the very end and never really get anyone mad. Just before she passed away, we stayed up until 2 a.m. giggling.

About 700,000 Americans are living with a brain tumor. Some of those people won't even know they have a tumor until it's too late to treat. Team Peanut was created by the Boudouvas Family in memory of Giuliana. We have allied with Voices Against Brain Cancer. This is an organization whose mission is to find a cure for brain cancer.

Now our families have set up events to raise money for brain cancer awareness in children. We played soccer, basketball and did rock climbing. We have also been to Eisenhower Park plenty of times for charity walks. We raise and donate a lot of money to Giuliana's Peanut Fund. Some of the money raised goes to Voices Against Brain Cancer. We make shirts that read, "Going Nuts Till We Find A Cure." The shirts say that on them because we called her Peanut.

Her favorite colors were pink and purple. One day soon after she died, we went to her school and let go of pink and purple balloons with our own little special message on them.


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