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Good Morning

Voombox speaker is great on the go

We tested the Voombox (Divoom). The speaker was easy to set up, it has Bluetooth and we were able to pair it with an iPhone. It also comes with an audio cable that can be plugged into a smartphone or tablet.

The Voombox has a phone feature where if someone calls you the music pauses and you can hear and speak to the person through the speaker. Another feature we discovered was if you hold the volume (+) button it changes to the next song on your device, and if you press the volume (-) button, it goes back to the beginning of the song you are listening to.

The sound quality of the speaker is awesome. We felt that when we used the audio cable it improved the sound over using the Bluetooth. Another great feature is the eight hours of playback time. The Voombox is durable, you can enjoy your music at the beach, in the backyard, just about anywhere.

It comes in different colors: blue, black, green and red. It is a winner!

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