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Good Evening

Would you pay to skip a long line?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Dathy Pham, Dix Hills

One of the things that makes vacations or trips annoying is waiting on long lines to do something. Waiting on line for a ride or to get into a place can really wreck your fun. We surveyed our classmates, and we asked them: Would you rather get in the zoo for free or pay and not wait on line? Here is what we found:

Pay and not wait on line: 19

Wait and get in for free: 6

Just as we figured, most kids don’t want to wait on line! They would pay extra to move to the front of the line. Only a few kids said they don’t mind the wait and they could spend their money on something else.

Carol Chisan and Donna Haakonson’s fourth-grade class, William Floyd Elementary School, Shirley

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