Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Wakeboarding in Southold Bay

In the summer I like to wakeboard. Wakeboarding is where you stand on a board getting towed by a boat on the water. It is like skateboarding on water. At first I kept falling but I kept getting up because I wanted to do more. Soon I learned to get air. Getting air is when you jump. Soon I was hooked.

You can also jump the wakes. Jumping the wake is where you turn and cross over a wake and pull back on the rope and jump. When you jump you can flip. If you want to start wakeboarding you might start knee boarding.

To start you will need a board. I suggest a Hyperlite. You will also need rope and a boat. You might want a wetsuit on those cloudy and windy days. When you stand, facing to the left is called goofy foot and facing to the right is called regular foot. If you skateboard surf and snowboard you may know these terms. I wakeboard in Southold Bay and Paradise Point.

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