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Walking dogs is a lesson in service, responsibility

Taking care of someone else's pets is a

Taking care of someone else's pets is a good way for students to practice responsibility. Credit: Kidsday illustration / Kaitlyn Messina

At our school you will see many different animals in our hallways and classrooms. There are dogs, fish and frogs. However, it would not be uncommon to see a peacock roaming in a courtyard or a parrot in the main lobby.

Students help out the Marianist brothers by walking their dogs after school. This process is as simple as going to the office for permission and picking up a dog, leash and jacket if it is cold out. Students are welcome to walk the dog they choose in the courtyards and hallways and outside on the school property.

The students walking the dogs have the responsibility to clean up after the dogs and make sure they have plenty of time to exercise. This gives students who don’t have dogs of their own a chance to be responsible and have the experience of taking care of a dog.

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