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Wall decor for animal lovers

The toy Puppy Stars Light N Sound Wallscape (Uncle Milton) works well on puppies like mine. My pup is a golden doodle mini named Teddy. He was born in February and weighs about 5 pounds. The first time I played the toy, he just licked the light. The next few times, the noise seemed to scare him, so he would hide in his cage or between my legs. By now, I have played it so many times that he just sits directly in the middle of the light. In my opinion, the dog toy called Puppy Stars is perfect for dogs that love the spotlight, like my Teddy.

You can put stickers on your wall for your puppy to admire, and the light and sound direct its attention to them. It comes with an FX Activator that can be mounted to the wall, and then you apply the decals above it. It is a fun item for dog lovers.

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