Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

I go to school with my best friend, my mom

Kidsday reporter Alexandra Cornella with her mom, Kristy

Kidsday reporter Alexandra Cornella with her mom, Kristy Cornella, a social studies teacher at her middle school in Wantagh. Credit: Bonnie Hersch

My mom teaches sixth grade in my school. I know, it’s crazy! She teaches social studies.

Having my mom in my school is actually the best. It’s great seeing her every day. When I talk to the kids in her classes, they all say they love her. I love hearing that.

Sometimes it does feel weird when she shares funny and embarrassing stories about me to all of her students. For example, once when I was 6, we had my birthday party at my house and I walked into a car’s rear view mirror and knocked my tooth out. She told her entire class about it!

Last summer when I was finishing elementary school, we kept thinking we were going to walk into the middle school doing a buddy dance down the hallway. She thought this new situation was going to be weird, and I agreed with her. During every break, I would go down to her classroom to see her. She kept telling me, “You can’t come down anymore; you have to go back to class!” I basically missed fifth period each day because I was talking to her. I told my fifth-period teacher that I got lost and couldn’t find the tech room so I could go see my mom all the time.

When we got home one day, she walked into the house laughing. She told my dad that I kept going to see her every chance I could. Mom explained to me how I should just come down twice a day, before and after lunch. She then said how much she loved having me with her; I felt so happy.

Now I visit her before and after lunch. She is my best friend, and I don’t know if I would make it through middle school without her.

Valentina Gatti and Bonnie Hersch’s sixth-grade class, Wantagh Middle School

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