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Survey: Middle School will surprise you

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matthew Faraci, Sayville

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Matthew Faraci, Sayville

I asked 50 sixth-graders what they thought the most surprising thing about middle school was this year. The most common answer (23 votes) was how much freedom middle schoolers have compared with their days in elementary school.

The second most popular answer (14 votes) was that students are allowed to chew gum in most classes. Three students said they were surprised about the sound of the bell. Four students surprised themselves by how easy it was for them to remember their locker combinations and daily schedules. “The lack of homework” came in with a total of six votes, but we all know there will be more homework as the year progresses.

Overall, middle school has surprises at every corner, but thanks to this survey, we know that surprises are just part of sixth-grade fun! 

Valentina Gatti and Bonnie Hersch’s sixth-grade class, Wantagh Middle School


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