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‘Warriors’ series jumps into magical world of cats

Credit: HarperCollins Publishers

I am a big fan of the “Warriors” book series, and if you read a few of the books, I am sure you are too! It’s extra special if you like cats, fantasy and magic. Here are some facts about this interesting series:

  • The “Warriors” series, about cats, is written by Erin Hunter.
  • They have their own law called the warrior code.
  • The cats are separated into four groups: WindClan, RiverClan, ThunderClan and ShadowClan.
  • Each clan has its own territory, and they also eat different types of prey.
  • Each clan has a leader, a deputy and warriors. Most of the time there are apprentices; sometimes there are queens, elders and kittens. There are also one or two medicine cats.
  • There’s another clan that’s in the sky. It’s called StarClan. When cats die, they join the ranks of StarClan.
  • The cats have a different language. They call cars “monsters” and roads “thunderpaths.” House cats are called “kittypets.”

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