Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Cleaning fire trucks with my dad is a lot of work but fun

Kidsday reporter Joseph Delgado cleans a West Islip

Kidsday reporter Joseph Delgado cleans a West Islip fire truck. Credit: Delgado family

Every few months, my dad and I and others from the firehouse wash the fire trucks. My dad is a volunteer, and I get to help him and the other firefighters.

When we wash the five trucks, we take them outside and clean them from top to bottom, including the tires. We use soap, and then someone usually gets a table and puts a towel on top so we can steam the tool they use to make the trucks look brand new. Then we wash the plows and ambulances, too.

After we are done, we all go inside and watch a football game or something else good on TV. It’s usually dark then, so we all go home. I like doing this because I can spend time with my dad and his friends. It is a lot of work, but it is fun work and something I look forward to.

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