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Water is the place for summer fun

Kidsday reporter Ava Rella enjoys kayaking.

Kidsday reporter Ava Rella enjoys kayaking. Credit: Rella family

Here are a few of my favorite things to do on the water every summer:

TUBING You sit on a tube that is tied to a boat, then the captain puts the throttle to its limit and you go flying.

SNORKELING Put on the mask that covers your eyes and nose, and there is this long, narrow tube you put in your mouth. When you go underwater to see the beautiful sights, you hold your breath and when you come up to get some air, you blow all the water out of the tube. Snorkeling is your chance to see awesome things in the water. One experience I had snorkeling was when I went to Block Island. I saw lots of clams. I picked one up, and they were opening their mouths, and I was fascinated.

FISHING I always feel so proud when I catch a fluke and it’s a keeper. My family and I always have the hook hanging off the boat with confidence that we are going to get a “big one.” When a big wave comes, you need to bend your legs and hold on tight because you might lose your fish and yourself.

KAYAKING You sit in a canoe-type boat and grab a two-sided paddle, start to row and you will be on the go.

Remember, some of these activities need an adult’s permission or supervision, so stay safe and have fun out there.

Frances Barricelli and Joan McLean’s sixth-grade class, St. Agnes Cathedral School, Rockville Centre

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