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Water bottle flipping challenge is a hit with kids

Credit: Kidsday illustration / Jaskaran Singh

You have heard the sound of a water bottle dropping. Well, kids are actually doing that on purpose. Do you know why? It’s because kids are trying to land the water bottle on its base for a fun challenge online, the “water bottle flipping challenge.”

This trend has become such a hit. People all over the world are trying to do all these cool tricks. Some cool tricks that people are trying are to land the bottle on the cap or on a ledge, or try to flip it as many times in a row as they can get. You might think these sound very fun and cool, but some do not like this.

Some people, mostly teachers and lunch monitors, don’t like this challenge because they hate hearing the water bottle dropping over and over and over again. Some schools have banned the challenge because it is a huge distraction during class. I would say most adults can’t stand the sound of the water bottle dropping.

Kids can’t get enough of this challenge! They love trying to beat their friends by landing it the most. They love being “the best” at the challenge, and they just like playing the challenge.


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