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Water park Splish Splash in Calverton is super in summer

Take the plunge and cool off at Splish

Take the plunge and cool off at Splish Splash water park in Calverton. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kiara Anderson, Stony Brook

Are you ready to soak a summer day? Splish Splash is the place to be. Splish Splash was founded in 1991 by the people who owned Adventureland in Farmingdale. Splish Splash is located in Calverton. It is 96 acres of fun. If you live on Long Island and you haven’t been to Splish Splash, you must go this summer.

There are so many great rides at Splish Splash that are all unique. We spoke to Deb, someone who works at Splish Splash, and she said the most impressive ride is Bootleggers Run. It is a water coaster that uses magnetic tracks to make it go very fast. Bootleggers Run is a great ride to start on, according to Deb, because it’s a crowd favorite and the lines get longer as the day goes on. Some of the other favorite rides at Splish Splash are Dr. Von Dark’s Tunnel of Terror (it is pitch-black for part of the ride) and Mammoth River.

With all this action, you may get hungry at the park. Splish Splash has foods and snacks. They have Dippin’ Dots, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, churros, pizza and anything you could possibly want.

The first time you go to Splish Splash, it would be great to go on a nice summer day, but the lines will be a little longer. Deb recommended trying to get to the park by 10 a.m. and going on a cloudy, possibly cooler day.

Splish Splash has incredible deals on passes. There are different types of season passes and H2Go passes to cut down on your wait time. Get soaked this summer.

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