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Ways to stop wasting food, help the hungry

Photo Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Kimberly Te, Manhasset

The amount of food that is being wasted each year is huge and we think it has to stop. If we all come together, there is a chance we can help many people in need. Some ways we can stop wasting food is by thinking of those who don’t have food before we throw out unfinished food. We can save that meal for a later time, for when we are hungry, instead of making more. Before making a meal, it’s good to plan out how much you want to eat so that you don’t prepare too much and waste the rest.

In our neighborhood, we have an organization called Tomchei Shabbos that delivers food to poor families on a weekly basis. One way that we can help is by donating our extra food to them. We can also help by volunteering to make and deliver the food packages. We can also collect donations from local stores. Sometimes we send over trays of food left over from our school lunches.

Also, wasting food is like wasting money. If we can take the extra and donate it, we solve two problems at once.

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