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We are mad about dancer, author Maddie Ziegler

"Dance Moms" star and author Maddie Ziegler with Kidsday reporters, from left: Tania Mathew, Emma Shanahan, Eamonn Ford and Alex McAuliff, all from Academy Street School in Bayport, at the Barnes & Noble in Manhattan on March 7, 2017. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We recently had the opportunity to interview Maddie Ziegler at Barnes & Noble in Manhattan. She is a talented dancer whose career took off after appearing on the reality show “Dance Moms.” Since leaving “Dance Moms,” Maddie has danced in music sensation Sia’s music videos, she was a judge on “So You Think You Can Dance: The Next Generation,” and she has starred in movies such as “Ballerina,” an animated film, and “The Book of Henry.” Maddie just wrote a bestselling book for teens and young adults called “The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir” from Gallery Books.

Maddie decided to write her book so everyone could learn who she really is; she’s more than just the girl on TV. In the book she talks a lot about her family and how she started in dance. There are a bunch of photos of Maddie with her friends and with celebrities she has met. There are also pictures of her dancing throughout the years. Our favorite sections of her diary were about her adventures with Sia and the chapter called “The Me I’ve Yet to Meet.” Overall the book was inspirational because she has accomplished so much at just 14 years old. The book held our interest and was entertaining with all of the cute drawings she included. Fans will love this book because it feels like Maddie is actually talking to her fans.

We spent a lot of time with her before she was going to meet her fans and autograph books for them. We liked the book a lot and we were curious if she would want to write another one. Maddie told us that she would although she thinks her next book will be a fictional story.

We were looking for a scoop, so we asked her if there were things that didn’t make it into this book. She told us that everything she wanted to say made it in.

We really liked the advice that singer Sia gave Maddie, telling her to stay humble and be grateful. We wanted to know if she liked that advice and if she had any advice for us. Maddie said that she sometimes feels like there are a lot of kids in the entertainment world who are act bratty. She doesn‘t think they are a good example for young kids. She realized that there are a lot of kids who look up to her for inspiration, so she doesn’t want to be rude or think that she is better than others. It’s really important to stay humble and grounded. She added that Sia told her that if she is not having fun with what she is doing, to let someone know, and to make sure you love what you’re doing.

We asked her how it felt to be a celebrity. Maddie laughed and said that doesn’t consider herself a celebrity. She says she just feels “like I’m a girl from Pittsburgh.”

She’s danced in a hit show, stared in music videos, toured the world, appeared on talk shows and in movies, and has now written a book, so we wanted to know what her next adventure was going to be. She told us that she wanted to do more movies and to travel, too. Her next place to visit would be Asia. She also wants to have her own line of makeup.

After we finished talking to Maddie, we found out that her mom grew up on Long Island, not too far from where we live. We also got a chance to dance with Maddie and she said our moves were awesome. Do you think she was serious? Maddie signed our books as well. When we left the book store, we noticed there were about 100 people lined up two hours before the signing was even to begin. “The Maddie Diaries: A Memoir” is already a big hit. Now that we’ve met Maddie, it will be exciting to see her live out her dreams and to watch what’s next in her future as a dancer, actor, judge and now author!


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