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We asked: Should you shake hands with opponents after a game?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Lingfei Zhao, Syosset

I think that kids should have to shake hands at the end of a game.

This is because it helps teach kids to become good sports. It will make kids better people in their lives. Many people need to be taught life lessons through sports. It can help kids to make better decisions. This is because they can learn about how to be respectful to others.

I took a survey of 60 kids and 90 percent said they think that athletes should shake hands after a sporting event. Many kids think by shaking hands the athletes show a gesture of sportsmanship. Of those surveyed, 38.3 percent said the kids will become better people by doing this. Many people think the other team is made up of sore losers and don’t shake hands because of this. Seven of the kids think that the athletes should have to keep saying “good game” to their opponents.

Many of the students believe that the teams do not forgive each other for what happened in the game by shaking hands. Fifty percent of the kids think that there might be another way to achieve the same message as shaking hands.

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