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Good Evening

We enjoy helping the community at school events

Credit: Kidsday staff artist Casey Chung / Wheatley Heights

We do a lot of fundraisers and service projects at Waverly Elementary School. They are all so much fun. Here are three amazing things we do: Jump Rope for the Heart, Valentine’s Day boxes and the Hats, Coats and Mittens Drive.

Jump Rope for the Heart ( is an event for kids to raise donations, then jump rope at their school. The money is for the American Heart Association. We think this is great because you get the good feeling of helping people. You help save someone’s life.

The next project is the Valentine’s Day boxes. We do this to help kids who live in homeless shelters. We take a shoe box and wrap it in pretty Valentine’s Day wrapping paper. Then we put books, snacks and crafts inside and include a letter to the kid.

Last but not least is the Hats, Coats and Mittens Drive ( For this drive, we bring in hats, coats and mittens for kids. Those kids are usually in homeless shelters or from poor families.

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