Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

We enjoy our Writing Center

Our school has a Writing Center. It is in a different room than our classroom.

Sometimes, we go there for writing workshop. We have some papers on the bulletin board on the outside. There is a large sign that says: Writing Center.

We have written many stories there, such as one about Peter Stuyvesant. We also write drafts of our reports there.

One time, our district superintendent, Mrs. Patricia Godek, joined us in the Writing Center. She observed the writing process as we pretended we were patriots in Colonial times and wrote letters trying to persuade other Colonists to join our movement.

It is fun to write in the Writing Center. After we write our first drafts, we call the COPS on our stories. COPS stands for Capitalization, Organization, Punctuation and Spelling.

In the back of the room are some things we can write about. Some are animals or places.

We can concentrate there, because it is usually quiet unless a class comes by.

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