Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

We got the scoop on Dreesen's Famous Donuts

We had the pleasure of making Dreesen's Famous Donuts at Scoop Du Jour in East Hampton. Two assistant managers, KK Merchant and Yolanda Sinche, were kind enough to teach us how to make these delicious treats in no time.

The ingredients incorporated in this recipe are pre-mixed batter, water and vegetable oil. The pre-mixed batter comes in bags that make around 40 doughnuts. They use two to three bags a day in the winter and 10 or more in the summer.

The first step in the process of making these doughnuts was pouring pre-mixed batter with 75-degree water into an electric mixer. We then waited around five minutes until the batter would grab at the sides of the bowl. We wanted the batter to become a smooth, doughy consistency. We did not want it to be clumpy at all. Once the batter was done, we put it in the hopper. The hopper is part of a very expensive machine that shapes and fries the doughnuts. The hopper's job is to form the perfect doughnut shape and drop the shaped dough onto a conveyor belt. The conveyer belt carries the doughnuts to the end of the machine. Once the process is completed, they decide what toppings will go on. If the doughnuts have sugar and cinnamon, they get the topping while the donuts are still hot because the mixture sticks to the donuts better. If they are topped with powdered sugar, then the doughnuts have to cool so the sugar doesn't melt. Some of the other doughnuts are left plain, and then others are dipped in fondant of different favors. We went crazy when we heard that they even had Nutella dip!

KK set up a station for us with chocolate and vanilla fondant. To dip the doughnuts, we had to wear gloves (for health reasons of course). The doughnut is dipped halfway into the mixture and then quickly turned over. Then they were dipped in different toppings. Some of the toppings we used were sprinkles, almond slivers, Reese's Pieces, and mini M&Ms. It was really exciting when we got to take the doughnuts we made home!

KK and Yolanda were so kind to all of us. But we didn't just have Dreesen's Famous Donuts. After we were done with that, we saved a little bit of room for some of Scoop Du Jour's wonderful ice cream. That was the perfect ending to a great visit!

We recommend a visit to Scoop Du Jour to anyone who is looking for great treats like doughnuts and ice cream and great service. They have a great variety of flavors and toppings. They also serve breakfast, lunch and many other items. Scoop is a must-visit place the next time you are in East Hampton! It is located at 35 Newtown Lane, East Hampton. Call 631-329-4883.

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