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77° Good Afternoon

We graduated from Gingerbread University

We went to Gingerbread University and made gingerbread houses. It has a small bakery where you can buy premade gingerbread cookies. It has different cookies for each season, including Valentine's Day, Easter, Halloween and, of course, Christmas.

You don't have to have any experience; the staff gives you everything you need, including lots of help. They provided a house made of delicious gingerbread, candy and icing. We could be as creative as we wanted in decorating our houses.

The employees were available to give us tips, and icing and decorating lessons. They served us broken pieces of freshly baked gingerbread. They were delicious!

Gingerbread University hosts small and large group parties for kids and adults. We even got certificates for graduating. We had a great time meeting Frederick H. Terry, the owner-creator. He taught us how to make an amazing tree out of icing. Go there soon! It is at 3225 Sound Ave., Riverhead, or visit

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