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We have a cute Havanese puppy

Have you ever heard of the puppy breed Havanese? I have one!

It all started when my family, especially my sister, wanted a dog. My dad found this breed, the Havanese.

There were a couple reasons why we wanted this particular dog: They don't shed, they are known for being gentle, and they are so cute! We were worried about the shedding because my mom is allergic to dog fur. We wanted a dog that would not shed all over the house.

The Havanese is an old breed that started in Cuba. The Havanese was a pet of wealthy Cubans, and later became popular among Europeans. The breed has been in the United States since the Cuban revolution in 1959. The Havanese is now rare in Cuba but popular in the United States and Europe.

These dogs usually weigh about 7 to 13 pounds. They are small, smart, playful and affectionate.

Having done all this research, we decided to visit a breeder in Riverhead and purchase the puppy. It was so hard just to pick one out of all the dogs there.

As soon as we met the puppies, they were all very friendly and eager to have a family of their own.

One puppy stood out to us. She was all white with gray and brown ears, and more of that coloring on her tail. We fell in love with this little cutie pie. We took her home and named her Minnie. Now she is part of our family.

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