Good Morning
Good Morning

We have a mini zoo at school

Walking in the hallways of my school, St. Martin de Porres Marianist School in Uniondale, provides students, faculty and visitors alike, a unique experience. My school has a mini zoo.

I had the opportunity to interview the headmaster, John Holian, about our animals at St. Martin's.

Mr. Holian told me the school has 19 animals: two dogs, three birds, eight turtles, one African tortoise, three guinea pigs, a bearded dragon and a bunny.

That's a lot of animals. Many of them have been donated by people who could not care for them anymore.

Mr. Holian told me that the fifth-grade Zoo Crew feeds, cleans and plays with the animals. They feed them during their recess time, and everything from food, cages, tanks, and playpens are mostly donated by people.

I asked him if any of the animals have special meaning. Mr. Holian said, "Two of the three birds are doves. Doves represent peace."

But it looks like our little zoo might be expanding soon! Mr. Holian said that we may have two lambs coming to the school. A special pen would be built in one of the corners of the Stella Maris field. He was thinking of Mary and Marie for their names.

You can be reassured that any new addition will be taken care of and loved by all.

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