Good Morning
Good Morning

We have critters in our classroom

Animals in my classroom help kids to learn because not only do they give the students and teachers something to relate their work to, but I think they also make the students more excited about their work along with learning responsibility by taking care of them.

We have two hermit crabs, and they are educational because we are learning about different Animalia, such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and crustaceans, and hermit crabs are in the crustacean family. We also have a fire belly newt named Sally Sue (which is an amphibian that sort of looks like a water lizard). We are learning about food webs and she helps a lot. Our newt is an amphibian and they are really small too, and they breathe through their skin. We also have a bearded dragon named Spike. Spike is a reptile and reptiles are part of the cold-blooded animals. This means that they don't stay warm like us. They need a heat lamp so they don't get cold. Our newest pets are two mudskippers. They are a type of fish that are part of the Gobi fish family. They have these cool little "legs" that they use to walk around with. They breathe air and dig burrows as their homes. They are very territorial.

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