Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

We like Tiki Action Park in Centereach

We like Tiki Action Park in Centereach a lot.

Have you ever wanted to go to a park that has a golf course, arcade and a laser maze? Tiki Action Park mini golf was a fun experience for my friends and me. The course was appealing, and the holes were exhilarating. On this 18-hole course, there is beautiful terrain with many twists, turns and obstacles on each hole. It has waterfalls that start off as streams, then blossom into something magical. There are caves that lead you into awesome places. This course is suitable for kids and adults.

We also went go-karting. The go-karting was one of the best parts about the park. When we went, we each got into a single cart, buckled in and drove off.

It was scary at first, but you get used to it after a while. The track was in the shape of an infinity sign. As you drive around, you can see your friends while racing them, too. After having an immense rush of racing, it also is great to go in a laser maze.

The laser maze is great for kids 10 and younger, but in our opinion it's monotonous for kids older than that. We liked the great arcade room because it has a wide variety of games for kids of all ages.

We think Tiki Action Park is a great place for kids' birthday parties. It's at 1878 Middle Country Rd., Centereach. Online:

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