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We'll have fries with that

If you had the choice to buy a large order of fries from Checker's, Burger King or Wendy's, which would you choose? Each person in our group bought from these fast food restaurants and we did a comparison to find the best fries.

The large fries at Checker's was $2.89. With an average of 43 fries per order, they were the least amount of fries of the three places we went. We noticed that Checker's fries were a little greasy, but they were also the crispiest and had just the right amount of salt. Checker's fries looked different than the other fries because they had the darkest color and different spices.

When we went to Burger King, the cost of a large order of fries was $2.49. We thought that was a fair price because we got an average of 54 fries per order. The fries were hot, salty and greasy, but in a good way. Wendy's and Burger King fries looked very similar but Burger King's tasted much better.

We each tried Wendy's fries as well. The price for large fries was $2.19 and the average amount of fries was 82. We are sorry to say that Wendy's fries were downright terrible. Each of us found them to be cold, soggy, bland and not salty at all. Even though they were the least expensive, they are not worth the money.

Taste-testing fries was definitely fun even if it wasn't the most nutritious! Checker's was the most expensive, but it was definitely worth the money. So if you are looking for the most delicious fries, head to Checker's!


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