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We love Daisy, a therapy dog

Daisy is a 5-year-old Great Dane, and she is extra special to me. Daisy is a brindle Great Dane. Brindle describes her coloring: She is fawn and black, and when you see her from far away she looks like a tiger.

My grandfather Paul Thomas, who lives in Manorville, adopted Daisy and had her trained to become a therapy dog. Daisy was trained by Bideawee.

Once Daisy passed her therapy dog test, she started going to hospitals and nursing homes to cheer people up. It was a hard test. Not all dogs will become therapy dogs. To pass the test, they can't lick the patients. They cannot bark or growl at a sudden noise. Also, they have to do commands the owners tell them. For Daisy, that was no problem.

Congrats to Daisy for becoming a therapy dog. Our family loves you, Daisy. She is so well behaved, and besides making others feel better, she makes our whole family feel the same way.

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