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We love Math Olympiads

In our club, the Math Olympiads, we do a lot of challenging problems. We are taught strategies for hard math questions and equations. We do algebra, multiplication, fractions, areas, perimeters and more fun types of math.

Each month, we do a test with five really hard questions that are timed. Also, it gets harder and harder with each question, and the harder the question, the more time you get. Also, at the end of the school year, three kids from the club get a prize. First place gets a trophy, second place gets a ribbon, and third place gets a patch.

As you can see, Math Olympiads is a fun club for kids who love math and want to push their math skills to the top. We like learning brand new math so we can be better at it. We've been in the Olympiads for two great years.

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