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We love organic fruit snacks

Kidsday reporters Steven Jaklitsch and Danny Holahan.

Kidsday reporters Steven Jaklitsch and Danny Holahan. Photo Credit: Bridget Norman

We did a taste test of Go Organically Fruit Snacks. We tried three flavors: Mixed Berry, Tropical and Fruit Medley. Their slogan is “Organic never tasted so good” and we think they are right! Our class loved them and so did the other fourth-grade classes in our school.

We judged the fruit snacks by how healthy they are, how many were in a pouch, texture, and, of course, how good they taste. We started by looking at the ingredients. They are made with real fruit and fruit juice and there are no preservatives or anything artificial in them. They have no high fructose corn syrup and are gluten-free. We counted the number of fruit snacks in each pouch. There were 10 to 12 in each bag, which most of us thought was a good amount. Everyone loved the strawberry flavor.

Some of our classmates made some comments. Steven said that he liked that they were squishy in your mouth. Faith said, “I think that they are very healthy and they taste great.” Most of us thought they had a good burst of flavor and that it really jumped out at you. A couple of people thought they would like a bigger bag or that the fruit snacks could be a bit bigger.

Now you may be wondering what other type of flavored gummies are in each box. Well, here’s the answer to your question. The flavors in the Mixed Berry pouches are raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and blueberry. In the Tropical pouches you get tangerine, strawberry-kiwi, mango, pink grapefruit and pineapple. The Fruit Medley pouches you get strawberry, raspberry, orange and white-grape peach. You can see there are some pretty interesting flavored gummies that you might want to try.

These Go Organically Fruit Snacks can be bought at any Stop and Shop grocery store near you.

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