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We love our Book Craft Club

Kidsday reporters working in their writing club. From

Kidsday reporters working in their writing club. From left, Madigan Teodoru, Angelina Corbett-Rice, Andrea Napoles and Mary Gennari Credit: Michele Yrice

As your pencil touches the paper you wonder, why is writing so boring? All the hard work hangs on a school wall that nobody stops to read. Why? Sure, you can list 100 reasons why writing is boring, but then why do so many people devote their lives to writing?

Well, it is fun. Wait . . . what did I just say? I said writing is fun. How did I change my mind? The reason is Book Craft Club. How can a simple club change your entire mind? This club is not simple. It is unique unlike some of the other reading and writing clubs on Shelter Island. There is some kind of magic that makes each of our reading and writing clubs different.

Book Craft Club is not like independent work time in school. You can talk with your friends and have fun. You can make more than one awesome story. You can bring some snacks to share because your teacher probably told you sharing is caring. Book Craft Club has something better than plastic and paper for publishing. They have the hardcover deal. Yup, that’s right. But you know that Book Craft Club is not just about that, right?

The great illustrations provided by the members of Book Craft Club (or the ones they find on Google) make the books even better. And all of this fun doesn’t have to be in the same genre. It can be written as a comic book, too. This club lets you do almost everything involved with writing, and over the years, Book Craft Club has made some great books and comics. So, now what do you think?

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