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We loved meeting singer Sammi Sanchez for Kidsday

Singer Sammi Sanchez, center, with Kidsday reporters Sunny

Singer Sammi Sanchez, center, with Kidsday reporters Sunny Lu, Allie Chiu, Stephanie Tang and Stephanie Chen at Le Parker Meridien Hotel in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Patrick Mullooly

Sitting together, all squashed on a small couch in Le Parker Meridien Hotel in Manhattan, we waited. We were checking out the lobby trying not to appear too uncomfortable while waiting for the talented new singer Sammi Sanchez. We all really like her debut song, “Girls Talk.” We honestly did not know what to expect, and had a million questions zipping through our minds as we looked at each other nervously. “Do we smile when we see her?” “How would we greet her?” “What do we do if we run out of questions?”

Some of us were sending texts to our classmates, knowing how jealous they would be that we were meeting this new star, in person. Some of us were just playing games, and we all worried about how we looked. All this silliness stopped the minute we heard high-heels clip-clopping down the hallway. We all looked up and saw Sammi Sanchez. She’s gorgeous! We were prepared to ask our questions and put on our biggest smiles.

We all sat down in a comfy sofa and Sammi greeted us with a warm smile and asked us some questions about us. She was making us feel comfortable!

First we asked about “Girl Talk,” and what inspired her to write the song. The story behind it was quite interesting. She was talking to a guy she was getting quite close with, however, she found out the same guy was talking to two of her friends behind her back at the same time, inspiring her to write this song.

Then, we asked about her journey getting to where she is now, and if her parents were supportive of her dream of becoming a singer. She said that her parents were very supportive along the way and even pushed her to work harder to reach her goals. We wanted to know a little more about her personal preferences. We asked her, “What was your favorite genre of music to sing?” She answered it honestly, saying that she loved singing any type of music, but her favorite would have to be hip-hop and pop music. We proceeded on with the interview, continuing with “How does it feel to work with other artists?” And her response was quite detailed, saying that it was nice receiving feedback from other people that may be more experienced than her. With the feedback, she was able to improve her music and know where her weaknesses are. Finally, we wrapped it up by asking her for some advice that she would give to young artists going into the music career. She suggested to work hard and never give up no matter what obstacles come in their way. She also mentioned that she had a vocal coach when she was growing up.

After the entire interview, we still couldn’t get enough of her. Even though we ran out of questions, we were thinking of more. We felt very special that we got to meet her. When we were leaving, she gave us warm hugs that made us not want to leave. All the nervous thoughts that ran through our heads before meeting her, just disappeared. She was very nice and inspiring.

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