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Good Afternoon

We loved ‘The Lego Batman Movie’

Batman (Will Arnett) with members of the Justice

Batman (Will Arnett) with members of the Justice League in the animated adventure "The Lego Batman Movie." Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures / DC Comics

The director and the producers of “The Lego Movie” bring you “The Lego Batman Movie,” with Will Arnett as Batman (Bruce Wayne), Zach Galifianakis as the voice of The Joker, Michael Cera as Robin (Dick Grayson), Rosario Dawson as Barbara Gordon, and Ralph Fiennes as Alfred. This was a hilarious film that all kids should love.

As many know, Batman is a vigilante. He is also a lone wolf and never likes company. His greatest fear is having a family because he lost his own and doesn’t want to risk it again. But he mindlessly agrees to adopt Dick Grayson, an orphan, while he was distracted by his new crush, Barbara Gordon. You see, when Batman is at the commissioner’s retirement party, Dick comes up to him to ask him if he’s interested in taking an orphan home and what he would like his orphan to look like. Batman, not paying attention to Dick Grayson, agrees to anything just so he can get back to looking at the gorgeous new commissioner. So Batman accidentally adopts Dick Grayson, soon to be Robin.

Batman must learn how to raise a son and be part of a family. Plus, he has to deal with The Joker, who hates Batman and thinks he is his mortal enemy. Batman doesn’t feel the same as the Joker. Batman thinks his nemesis is Superman, even though Superman is not a bad guy.

So when the Joker is watching the news with his girlfriend, Harley Quinn, and he hears about Superman sending his mortal enemy to the Phantom Zone (the space jail), he gets a “brilliant” idea that may show Batman who’s bad.

So Batman must not only deal with figuring out the super heroes and criminals of Gotham City, but also raise a boy he adopted. This becomes hilariously difficult for Bruce Wayne.

Will Arnett did a great job as Batman. He did a perfect “Batman voice” and his acting made everything seem realistic. The way the actors and actresses worked together was phenomenal. The animation quality was amazing.

It is entertaining for kids because it has bathroom humor, stupid love scenes of Bruce Wayne making a fool of himself, and a couple of adult jokes that took us a while to understand. So all and all, “The Lego Batman Movie” has action, sad parts, and of course . . . laughs. It has jokes the whole way through. This awesome movie is not only amusing for kids and adults, it teaches you a life lesson that you can’t do everything alone. It’s not just a humorous movie. It’s so much more.

We give this movie 5 smiles.

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