Our teacher read us a Newsday article titled “National Treasures.” It was about the many different museums people visit in Washington, D.C. We learned that 15,000 visitors helped to make an American flag made of Lego pieces at the National Museum of American History. This gave us an idea! We could use the many Lego pieces we play with at recess to build our own American flag.

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First, we separated all of the red, white and blue pieces from the Lego bucket. Next, we used an old frame to begin shaping our flag. We looked at a picture of an American flag to help us know where to put the pieces inside the frame. Then, we began building. We spent a little bit of time each day working on the project. Before too long, we had built our own Lego American flag!

Finally, we chose to show off our flag in our school’s conference room. This way, just like in the National Museum of American History, visitors to our school can enjoy viewing our Lego American flag!