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We met Jace Norman from ‘Henry Danger’!

Actor Jace Norman, who stars as Henry Danger,

Actor Jace Norman, who stars as Henry Danger, poses with Kidsday reporters from Long Island Hebrew Academy in Great Neck: Liel Aghajani, left, Daniela Azizzadeh, Elianna Kafash and Noyah Misaghi. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We got the chance to meet one of our favorite actors, Jace Norman. He stars on the Nickelodeon TV show “Henry Danger,” and we interviewed him on New York Sightseeing Tour Bus traveling around Manhattan. We got a chance to ask him some questions and even took pictures and got autographs. It was a beautiful day and we had so much fun learning more about him.

We wanted to know how he found out about the show and he said his agent told him to try out. He talked to us about all the cool fighting on the show. He said even though it is a little hard, it’s really fun. So then we asked him, who forgets their lines the most? He said it was probably him, he forgets the most.

One thing we were curious about was him going up the tube. In the show, when he says “up the tube.” He said in the beginning he used to wear a harness that would pull them up. But now they have special effects so they don’t need to go up anymore. We asked how he sticks the masks on his face. He said it is rubber and they stick it on with special glue that keeps the rubber on.

We wanted to know if he was always interested in acting. He told us that he would always play pretend with his siblings and he would make funny YouTube videos when he was little. We asked him if he felt close to his character as a regular school kid. He said he feels close because he’s usually not responsible, like on the show. But he would like to be more like Captain Man to look more smart and responsible.

We also asked him what he likes to do with his friends off the set. He said he likes to hang out with the cast like once a week. His favorite thing to do with them is go ice skating.

When we asked what celebrity guest he wants on the show, he said Selena Gomez, because he would like to become friends with her. He would like to meet her and hang out. We noticed Henry has a lot of girlfriends on the show so we asked him if all the kisses were real and he said yes.

He told us one of his favorite things to do was going to the beach a lot. Besides his own show, his favorite Nickelodeon show is “The Thundermans,” because they are both superhero related shows and they are coming together for a crossover special.

So we asked him about the crossover with “The Thundermans.” He said it was a pretty cool experience because he got to fight a lot and work together to defeat the enemies. We found out Captain Man (Cooper Barnes), Kid Danger (Jace) and Phoebe Thunderman (Kira Kosarin) infiltrate a secret villain meeting in Swellview where the villains plan to destroy Captain Man and Kid Danger. At the meeting, Phoebe discovers an unexpected attendee — her brother Max (Jack Griffo). It airs Saturday, June 18, at 8 p.m. on Nickelodeon.

We wondered what would be his superpower in real life and he said it would be to fly. He said that would be his favorite because then you wouldn’t need to drive anywhere.

Overall, we had a great time meeting Jace. He was really funny and nice. It was such a great experience to get to really know him and ask him personal questions. Thanks, Jace!

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