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We met the boy band In Real Life

Kidsday reporters front row, from left, Angelica Perotta,

Kidsday reporters front row, from left, Angelica Perotta, Madison DiFrietus, Samantha Negron and Christina Bacchi with In Real Life members Sergio Calderon, Drew Ramos, Michael Conor, Chance Peres and Brady Tutton in Manhattan. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We had the opportunity to interview an up-and-coming band, In Real Life, when they visited the Disney offices in Manhattan recently. It was an awesome experience and it was so much fun to meet a band that is becoming famous. In Real Life won a competition on the television show “Boy Band.” The members of the band are: Michael Conor (he raps), 18; Brady Tutton, the youngest at 15; Chance Peres and Drew Ramos, both 19. Sergio Calderon is 16. Angelica was so excited about meeting them, she kept saying “OMG” in her head!

When the band first walked in we ran over and hugged them. The most fun part of the interview was when we got to sing with them. This was the last thing we did. We started singing and then they joined in. It was so fun to sing with a real band.

We asked them a lot questions. Brady was so nice because he talked a lot, but he also gave the rest of the band a chance to speak. He also gave the other members of the band compliments about things they did well and talents they have.

We learned that the band hasn’t been on a tour bus yet, but they do have a van. And in the van, they fight over who gets to ride shotgun. Madison thought that was funny because she always fights with her sister about that.

We learned that even though they are singing for their career, they also have many other special talents. Christina remembered that Sergio loved playing soccer and was going to be a professional soccer player at one time. Chance used to be an EMT and he can make a funny trumpet sound out of his mouth!

Angelica thought the most interesting part of the interview was when she asked them how they come up with ideas for their songs. They said they think of them and then share their ideas. That’s cool because they all have different music talents.

Something Madison thought was cool and surprising was that even though they are famous now, they are just normal people. When we were getting ready to leave, some of their family members came into the room. They were excited and proud of the guys. That was fun to see!

We really liked interviewing the band In Real Life. Samantha thought they were very respectful and thoughtful when they answered our questions. Angelica predicts that they will be very successful. You should listen to their new song, “Eyes Closed.” We think it is the first in a long line of great hits to come from them.

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