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We put on a circus show at our middle school

Have you ever been in a circus? We have! But our circus is different. We don't have lions, tigers and bears. We have diabolos, juggling, stilts, spinning plates, devil sticks and acrobats.

Every year, performers from the National Circus Project ( come to show us how to do various circus acts. Later, we get to perform at our middle school.

The trainers spend a week at our school, teaching us basic skills, such as how to do tricks with the diabolos, which are sort of Chinese yo-yos.

They also show us how to spin plates on a stick, juggle scarves and balls, balance feathers on our hands and face, walk on stilts and use devil sticks, which are long sticks you flip back and forth. If the circus comes to your school, which act would you pick?

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