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We raise money for autism by selling ice pops

Helping kids with autism can be as simple

Helping kids with autism can be as simple as selling treats to raise money. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Nicholas Marotta, Ronkonkoma

In the summer my friend and I sell ice pops for autism. We do it every year and we raise about $100 for our school’s autism program.

We buy our ice pops and put them into a cooler and we go straight down the block, and we are off selling them! Our ice pops aren’t expensive. They are only $1 each.

We ring doorbells to sell the ice pops. My friend Taylor has her mom come along with us, too. If the neighbor isn’t home, we put a flyer in their mailbox, so they can call us if they are interested. We are glad to do this for our friends at John Street School. It’s for a good cause.

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