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We raised brown trout in our classroom from eggs

Keeping the water at the right temperature is

Keeping the water at the right temperature is very important for fish to thrive. Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Maggie Flaherty, Merrick

Have you ever been in a classroom that has trout? Our class does. We raised them all school year-long and then released them this spring. Our teacher, Mrs. Veronica Weeks, went upstate to get the eggs. When she came back with them, we were all so excited. She had to keep them cold and drove slowly to get them here safely.

Many trout hatched from their eggs in our special egg basket. Our trout tank temperature had to be kept between 52 and 55 degrees Fahrenheit. Our trout grew so much. Each day in the afternoon, we would check the trout tank to see if everything was OK. We recorded the temperature and our observations in our trout journal. They ate like crazy twice a day.

We loved to take pictures of the trout to see how much they’d grown. We also had a webcam over the tank so that we could watch them any time that we wanted.

We just adored looking up and watching our 3-D trout “swimming” around in our classroom. In April we released 58 brown trout into the Nissequogue River. We started with 61, so it was a great success.

Explore a fish hatchery

At the Cold Spring Harbor Fish Hatchery & Aquarium, there are a lot of trout and other fish. It has the largest living collection of New York State freshwater reptiles, fish and amphibians. Visitors can tour the two aquarium buildings and eight outdoor ponds, feed the trout and actually catch the trout and take them home. We met our teachers there to watch eggs being extracted from a female trout.

Fun facts about trout

  • They are the oldest fish in the world.
  • Trout need to live in very, very cold water.
  • Rainbow trout get their name from their beautiful colors.
  • Rainbow trout are predators and will eat almost anything that they can catch, including insects, small fish and crustaceans.

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