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We see ‘The Boss Baby’ and talk with Alec Baldwin, other stars

Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi), left, discovers that

Tim (voiced by Miles Bakshi), left, discovers that Boss Baby (voiced by Alec Baldwin) has a surprising secret in "The Boss Baby." Credit: DreamWorks Animation

Do you like really funny movies? Then you will love “The Boss Baby,” starring Alec Baldwin as the boss baby and Miles Bakshi as Tim. We had the opportunity to preview the movie at the Sony Lincoln Square Theater in Manhattan and participate in the “blue” carpet event before the movie. We couldn’t believe that so many of the stars met with us, and it was very exciting and a night we will all remember.

We spoke with composer Steve Mazzaro and were surprised to learn that he has done the music for many movies, including “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.” We met James McGrath, who plays Wizzie in the movie. He had us laughing about his role as a talking alarm clock. He said it was a weird role for him to play because he was just a clock; however, he felt his role was important because of the advice he gave Tim.

Alec Baldwin came over to speak with us. We asked him if he would ever consider being in a movie with his brothers. He said as they were growing up they loved to play cowboys, so if a script was ever written that had old men as cowboys, then they would probably do it. We met with Lisa Kudrow and she was super nice. We asked her if she remembered the lines to “Smelly Cat,” a song her character sang on “Friends,” and she bent down and quietly answered by singing a few lines to us. We liked Miles Bakshi the best. We had never heard of him as an actor before, but we learned he was the voice of Ogre Baby in the “Shrek” movies. We liked talking to him because he was close to our age and easy to talk with, and he was very friendly. We asked him what it was he liked most about animation. He said there are no limits in animation films and that you can get carried away with your imagination.

We met Steve Buscemi, who plays Francis Francis. At first, he was a little scary with the funny faces he was making at us, but then he started talking to us and he was actually very friendly and so funny. We asked him how his character was similar to himself and he said, “We are both evil.” We also asked him about his time as a fireman and the fundraising he does. He was very thankful that we asked him about the fundraising and asked us to share the website, This is an organization that Steve works closely with and is proud of their accomplishments.

After speaking with author Marla Frazee, we learned that the movie was based on her picture book, “The Boss Baby.” We also spoke with producer Ramsey Naito and she informed us that the movie took five years to complete. After watching the movie, we thought the effects and animation were spectacular.

In the beginning of the film, the adventures with Tim were imaginative and the effects were captivating. The 3-D kept us entranced in the movie. Our favorite part was when the baby and Tim were escaping the nanny. Boss Baby helped Tim ride a two-wheel bike. We really liked the bike-riding adventure and the bonding of the two brothers. At times we felt sad by the way the characters treated each other, but the crazy events that happened during the movie kept us on our toes. The ending of the movie was touching and we left feeling happy for Tim and Boss Baby’s family.

Overall we thought this movie was very funny and shows how difficult it can be to have a new sibling after being the only child for so long. We think all our classmates should see the movie.

RATING: 5 smiles


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