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Good Evening

We Three met the four of us

Kidsday reporters Silvana Scullari, Jenna Giorlando, Jayden Klemm

Kidsday reporters Silvana Scullari, Jenna Giorlando, Jayden Klemm and Ashley O'Brien, meet with We Three band members Joshua Humlie, Bethany (Humlie) Blanchard, and Manny Humlie at the Paramount Theater in Huntington.
  Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

 Did you see the music group We Three on “America’s Got Talent”?  If you did, you’ll know they’re amazing.  We interviewed the band before their concert at the Paramount Theater in Huntington last week.

They are two brothers and a sister from Oregon: Joshua, 27, plays drums and piano; Bethany, 24, plays bass; and Manny, 21, handles guitar and lead vocals.  They grew up in a musical family and they all started out on the piano at age 6, but Bethany’s love for music started when she first picked up the bass.  For Joshua, it was when he realized he could play the drums and piano by putting a shaker on his leg (in his sock!) and use his hands for the piano.  For Manny, it was when he was on stage singing quietly with his dad.  His dad kept saying, “I know you can sing louder,” because Manny was too shy to sing loudly.  Suddenly, Manny started belting it out — this loud sound came out and he knew he could do this!

We asked them what their favorite song was that their parents sang to them when they were little. They thought for a moment and then asked if they could sing it. Then they started singing a song about a gorilla named Priscilla.  It was silly and funny.

We asked them how they kept from getting emotional when they sang “Heaven’s Not Too Far Away.”  It is a song about their mom, who passed away from cancer.  Joshua said he didn’t sing too much on that song. Bethany and Manny said it was harder when they first practiced it, but it’s different singing in front of a huge audience.  We asked them what they thought their mom would say if she were here and saw them on "AGT," and they said she always said to them excitedly, “Oh, you guys!”

We asked about he most memorable part of being in the band or being on "AGT." They said that it was when they were on their second round of "AGT" and they sang “Lifeline.”  

Some of their hobbies include eating and finding cool restaurants, exercising, and Joshua said exploring, also. We were also interested in knowing if they were competitive with each other and if they had disagreements over songs.  They said they try not to argue because they are all aiming toward the same goal.  But they added that they used to argue more when they were younger.  

There are many musicians that inspire them.  Joshua named Stevie Wonder and 21 Pilots.  Manny likes Ed Sheeran and John Mayer.  Bethany is a Maroon 5 fan.  

 Finally, they are all Trailblazer fans!

Joshua, Bethany, and Manny gave us gifts: posters, bracelets and CDs. Later that evening, we went back to the Paramount to see their show. It was amazing!  Their singing was beautiful, and we got to go stand up by the front of the stage!  (Bethany even high-fived Silvana!)  Manny sat on the edge of the stage, playing his guitar, while everyone took pictures.  Joshua did a mind-blowing drum solo.  We had an amazing time at this concert.

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